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We are more than just your ordinary ATM Company - we offer FREE ATM placements, ATM processing and 24/7 technical support for all our accounts.  Reap the benefits of owning your own ATM machine or become an affiliate and expand your business profitability. It's that easy with California ATM Solutions so contact us now and get started in an exciting new business opportunity.  Buy an ATM Machine for any state in the USA or let us process your ATM machine.

Full-Service Free ATM Placement

We’ll put one of our ATMs in your location for free, take care of everything, and pay you for it. The full-service ATM placement is a completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment, making it our most popular service option.
Merchant Loaded Partnership

If you provide and load the cash in the ATM, then we will buy and manage the ATM and split the surcharge revenue with you 50/50. Our merchant-loaded ATM partnership is a minimal hands-on program with no financial commitment.
ATM Processing with Free Programming

Have an ATM and need to get it processing transactions? Schedule a free over-the-phone reprogramming with an ATM technician.
ATM Purchase with Processing

If you buy an ATM from us and load the cash, we’ll do the transaction processing and you can keep 100% of the surcharge revenue. No contracts required. We offer wholesale pricing to our processing customers
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